Attract more customers, supercharge audience engagement and turn content into profit with best-in-class video marketing and performance advertising.

Video PRODUCTION For Your Brand

Best-In-Class video marketing solutions
that grow your business and wow your audience

Whether you’re looking to create your first video or want to refresh your existing video library, our team of video experts are here to bring your vision to life. We provide project ideation, creative direction, storyboarding, script writing, voiceover, hair & makeup, music, animation, graphic design services & more!

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The foundation of a great video library. Showcase your brand culture, value props, products & services in an engaging and fun way.
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Nothing sells your product or service better happy customers and raving fans.
Animated explainer videos
An attention grabber that stands out and gets your brand message heard.


Whether this is your first brand video or you're ready to rollout a full-on video ad campaign, our team of experts is ready to bring your ideas to life. Our team of video production experts does it all from ideation, storyboarding, script writing, voiceover, talent, music, location, on-site production, post-production, 2D & 3D animation, motion graphics and more.


Creating Video For Your Brand Has Never Been Easier

Our team delivers the absolute BEST start-to-finish video production experience on earth.  This 5-step process allows us to collaborate with you seamlessly, efficiently and effectively from anywhere in the world.



Initial Creative Session

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We meet to discuss your business goals, initiatives, and marketing needs.  We’ll then explore the most effective content marketing strategy to align our creative vision with your brand goals, campaign milestones and budget.


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Ideas begin to take shape.  We finalize the look, vibe and feel of your content.  We’ll get organized by nailing down all creative, copy, storyboards, scripting, design, shoot dates and other project logistics.


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Execute on all digital content + creative assets.  Our production teams create all video, photo, animation, graphic design and audio assets.


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We deliver a first round to your team for feedback.  All updates and changes are made until everything is approved for final mastering and delivery.

Delivery & Integration

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We finalize everything and deliver to you electronically ready for distribution and advertising strategy implementation.

INDIRAP 5 step video production process


The benefits of using video content to grow your brand are abundant & undeniable. Here are a few reasons why building a rock-solid video library around your brand could be the best marketing decision you’ve ever made.

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Deliver on-brand video content for your audience to experience around the clock, across multiple digital platforms.
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ATTRACT More Customers
Enhance your customer journey and 10X your engagement along the way.
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Bring Your Brand Experience To Life
Showcase your products and services in their best light, building brand equity with your core customers.
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More Leads. Mores Conversions. More Sales.
Get more qualified buyers into your sales funnel with targeted video advertising that drives the buying decision forward.
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Premium VIDEO Content + LIGHTNING Fast Delivery
INDIRAP delivers high-quality, world-class branded video to your doorstep in days, not months.
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Build Trust & Transparency With Your Audience
Create genuine human connections from anywhere in the world with brand-centric, educational video content.

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What are the benefits of video production for my brand?
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Increases brand awareness:
1. Boosts engagement with target audience
2. Establishes company as industry thought leader
3. Improves search engine optimization
4. Provides a memorable and shareable experience for viewers
5. Offers versatile content for various platforms
6. Demonstrates products or services in action
7. Helps with customer education and understanding
8. Adds professional appeal to marketing materials
9. Provides measurable return on investment (ROI) through tracking and analytics.

How much does it cost to create aN AWESOME video?
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We produce a variety of live and animated videos for companies of all sizes, so this answer depends on factors like video style, volume of videos, length of video, and the production method.

Do I have to know how to write a script or storyboard?
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Not at all. We are here to assist you with every step of the creative process including scripting, storyboarding, voiceovers, translation, animation and more. Just ask one of our experts and they’ll get you set-up for success on your next video project.

How long does it take to create a video?
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This depends a lot on the type of video, the complexity, the length, and the speed of client feedback. Animated videos typically take 2-3 weeks and live videos 1-2 weeks.

Is creating a video easy?
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Creating video content for your brand  requires a combination of skills like video production, lighting, sound, editing, and animation, as well as creative skills such as storytelling, scriptwriting, and visual storytelling. The video must be visually appealing, engaging, and effectively communicate the message.
So, it is not easy but with the right team, proper planning, and execution, it can be a successful tool for brand promotion and communication.

What is the process for shooting a video?
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Our production process is made up of 5 simple and easy steps:
1. Initial Creative Session - We meet to discuss your brand culture, image and voice. We’ll explore the most effective video treatment to align your ideas with your brand goals.
2. Pre-Productions Meeting - Now your ideas begin to take shape. We finalize the look, vibe and feel of your content. We’ll get organized by nailing down storyboards, talent, locations, brand guidelines, shoot dates and other logistics.
3. On-Site Production - It’s time for some action! Let’s get the cameras rolling. We capture all video content and sound elements that are essential to making your brand, product or service stand out. For animation, we build out the storyboards prior to sending int over to our animators.
4. Post-Production - Our editorial team sorts through all footage to cherry pick the most impactful content. We master the final video and sound, color grade and add graphics and titles. For animation, we put all animated and illustrated elements together along with sound effects, voiceover and/or music.
5. Delivery - Delivery of all final assets and content deliverables completes the process.

Where do we shoot the videos?
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Location selection all depends on the type of video we are creating for you but most videos are either shot on-location at your office/headquarters, a rented space of your choice or a studio location for projects that require that type of production.

What services do you offer?
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The team at INDIRAP offers everything from production of your content all the way through distribution and monetization. This includes concept ideation, creative direction, storyboarding, scripting, talent sourcing, on-site video production, post-production, animation, motion graphics and delivery. Once your content is ready to be distributed, our team can help you design websites & landing pages and set up paid ad campaigns to supercharge your content for your online audience.

What types of video do you specialize in?
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We help businesses grow with brand culture videos, case studies & testimonials, product videos, animated explainer videos, event videos, online training libraries and more. In a nutshell, anything that’s gonna skyrocket your brand awareness to the next level, we make it happen.


Get ready to grow your brand smarter, faster and more predictably with INDIRAP. Book a time to speak with one of our growth experts today and learn how you can turn content into profit for your business.